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El Desastre De La Vacunación All of us, or the vast majority of us, propose the mark of the annual cycle to establish new efforts, new projects both personal and collective, both as individuals and as families, we propose goals to reach from the first day of the year, and certainly with the honest intention of achieving these objectives, these goals. I wish all of you to make reality of all your goals and that these new purposes endure the test of time. We have been through a terrible 2020 and we deserve a 2021 full of good things. And we have the potential to achieve it, however in 2021 we have to continue with the effort to protect ourselves and our immediate family. To begin with, we have to acknowledge that the political environment that still remains as corrosive as it has been in recent months, directly affects us, while the vaccination effort of all of us has been a real fiasco, a complete disaster in almost all countries and in all states of this country. The vaccination process began on December 14 and for this second week of January 2021 approximately 6 million and a little more people have received the first of two vaccines. Imagine, we are a total of 328 million inhabitants in the country. We have to improve this process as soon as possible, otherwise it will be 2025 and we will not have finished vaccinating the entire population of the country. If 5+ million people have received the first dose of the vaccine in a period of 23 days, from December 14 to January 6, this gives us a total of 217,391 people vaccinated daily throughout the United States. At this rate, it would take us 1,508 days to vaccinate the slightly more than 328 million people in the country. This rate of vaccination throws us a little over 4 years. It is unacceptable! Unfortunately the federal government has left, let me put it this way, it has assumed that each state has, the economic resource, the organizational capacity, the personnel, the infrastructure and the leadership to take the responsibility that corresponds to the federal government for the execution of this massive project. Unfortunately, Donald Trump has given up the exercise of governing and the vacuum that this creates will continue to affect all of us. At the moment we are waiting for the actions of the federal government in the first instance and of the state governments as soon as they have the resources at hand. Whatever it is, folks, it has to be an immensely remarkable change. The country cannot; I think the best expression is, the country MUST NOT be in this situation. The Country Division For the rest, the brutal events of January 6 have plunged us into an emotional morass as we do not remember in the recent history of the nation. If we were fractured as a general community at the national level, today we are deeply polarized. The terrorist events of January 6 in the capitol left victims. I call them terrorist events because they are precisely what the hordes have committed, and I call them hordes using the definition of the word to the full. Horde - Group of people who act without discipline and with violence as well as I adhere to the proper use of the word terrorism such as (and this is the definition) “the illicit use of violence and intimidation, especially against the civilian population, in achieving political ends. " A Capitol police officer died last night (Thursday, January 7) from injuries in Wednesday's clashes and a federal murder investigation is underway, fifty-six members of the DC Metropolitan Police received injuries, including one dragged into the mob and repeatedly beaten and beaten. Police Chief Robert Contee at a press conference informed the facts. Now listen to this, The Washington Post reported that a Trump appointee, at the Pentagon, hampered the efforts of the DC National Guard to shore up the overwhelmed Capitol Police. Who is this person? At the moment it is not known. These facts are not all, listen to this, in the Pentagon memoranda from the two days before the insurrection, informs of a denial of ammunition and riot gear to the National Guard and interaction with rioters did not take place. Additionaly the National Guard was not able to share equipment with local law enforcement without the approval of a Trump designee. A real atrocity! 147 Republicans joined Donald Trump with the intention and the orders of their employer to overturn the election results. Can we think that each one of these is a traitor to the nation? During the many days leading up to the presidential election, Donald Trump and an entourage of lawyers filed more than 90 lawsuits in different courts. None of the more than 90 judges received a simple evidence of electoral fraud from any of Donald Trump's lawyers. Now these 147 Republicans know what this I am expressing to you, they are not idiots, they are traitors but not idiots. However, they decide to obey Donald Trump in his attempt to destroy national institutions and try to revoke the results of the presidential elections. The list of these traitors is long, 147 of them. I invite you to visit on the main page you will see the link that takes you to the article where we list the names of all of them. Senate Tommy Tuberville, Ala. Rick Scott, Fla. Roger Marshall, Kan. John Kennedy, La. Cindy Hyde-Smith, Miss. Josh Hawley, Mo. Ted Cruz, Texas Cynthia Lummis, Wyo. Of the House of Representatives
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January 10 2021
Robert B. Aderholt, Ala. Mo Brooks, Ala. Jerry Carl, Ala. Barry Moore, Ala. Gary Palmer, Ala. Mike Rogers, Ala. Andy Biggs, Ariz. Paul Gosar, Ariz. Debbie Lesko, Ariz. David Schweikert, Ariz. Rick Crawford, Ark. Ken Calvert, Calif. Mike Garcia, Calif. Darrell Issa, Calif. Doug LaMalfa, Calif. Kevin McCarthy, Calif. Devin Nunes, Calif. Jay Obernolte, Calif. Lauren Boebert, Colo. Doug Lamborn, Colo. Kat Cammack, Fla. Mario Diaz-Balart, Fla. Byron Donalds, Fla. Neal Dunn, Fla. Scott Franklin, Fla. Matt Gaetz, Fla. Carlos Gimenez, Fla. Brian Mast, Fla. Bill Posey, Fla. John Rutherford, Fla. Greg Steube, Fla. Daniel Webster, Fla. Rick Allen, Ga. Earl L. "Buddy" Carter, Ga. Andrew Clyde, Ga. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ga. Jody Hice, Ga. Barry Loudermilk, Ga. Russ Fulcher, Idaho Mike Bost, Ill. Mary Miller, Ill. Jim Baird, Ind. Jim Banks, Ind. Greg Pence, Ind. Jackie Walorski, Ind. Ron Estes, Kan. Cliff Bentz, Ore. John Joyce, Pa. Fred Keller, Pa. Mike Kelly, Pa. Daniel Meuser, Pa. Scott Perry, Pa. Guy Reschenthaler, Pa. Lloyd Smucker, Pa. Glenn Thompson, Pa. Jeff Duncan, S.C. Ralph Norman, S.C. Tom Rice, S.C. William Timmons, S.C. Joe Wilson, S.C. Tim Burchett, Tenn. Scott DesJarlais, Tenn. Chuck Fleischmann, Tenn. Mark E. Green, Tenn. Diana Harshbarger, Tenn. David Kustoff, Tenn. John Rose, Tenn. Jodey Arrington, Texas Brian Babin, Texas Michael C. Burgess, Texas
Jacob LaTurner, Kan. Tracey Mann, Kan. Harold Rogers, Ky. Garret Graves, La. Clay Higgins, La. Mike Johnson, La. Steve Scalise, La. Andy Harris, Md. Jack Bergman, Mich. Lisa McClain, Mich. Tim Walberg, Mich. Michelle Fischbach, Minn. Jim Hagedorn, Minn. Michael Guest, Miss. Trent Kelly, Miss. Steven Palazzo, Miss. Sam Graves, Mo. Vicky Hartzler, Mo. Billy Long, Mo. Blaine Luetkemeyer, Mo. Jason Smith, Mo. Matt Rosendale, Mont. Dan Bishop, N.C. Ted Budd, N.C. Madison Cawthorn, N.C. Virginia Foxx, N.C. Richard Hudson, N.C. Gregory F. Murphy, N.C. David Rouzer, N.C. Jeff Van Drew, N.J. Yvette Herrell, N.M. Chris Jacobs, N.Y. Nicole Malliotakis, N.Y. Elise M. Stefanik, N.Y. Lee Zeldin, N.Y. Adrian Smith, Neb. Steve Chabot, Ohio Warren Davidson, Ohio Bob Gibbs, Ohio Bill Johnson, Ohio Jim Jordan, Ohio Stephanie Bice, Okla. Tom Cole, Okla. Kevin Hern, Okla. Frank Lucas, Okla. Markwayne Mullin, Okla. John R. Carter, Texas Michael Cloud, Texas Pat Fallon, Texas Louie Gohmert, Texas Lance Gooden, Texas Ronny Jackson, Texas Troy Nehls, Texas August Pfluger, Texas Pete Sessions, Texas Beth Van Duyne, Texas Randy Weber, Texas Roger Williams, Texas Ron Wright, Texas Burgess Owens, Utah Chris Stewart, Utah Ben Cline, Va. Bob Good, Va. Morgan Griffith, Va. Robert J. Wittman, Va. Carol Miller, W.Va. Alexander X. Mooney, W.Va. Scott Fitzgerald, Wis. Tom Tiffany, Wis.
Do you remember Senator Lindsey Graham? Lindsey Graham is an American politician who holds the position of Senior Senator of the United States and he represents the state of South Carolina, a position he has held since 2003. We've mentioned that before. A true servile. Well imagine that this Lindsey Graham in the year of 2016, when the presidential debates were starting, said the following about Donald Trump: "If nominate Trump, we will be destroyed ... and we will deserve it." What do you think? Apart from servile and dishonest, the so-and-so is a prophet! The truth friends is that the Republican party is almost destroyed! Completely fractured. For the Republican Party to return to what it was not many years ago, decades will pass. No matter what they say or do in the short term, what the Republican party needs to recover not only his image but the way, the foundation of the original party, is new blood, young blood, people of integrity, of deep honesty, a morality immovable, and certainly not jingoistic patriots. While in the ranks of the Republican party we see all these 147 traitors to the nation, people as crooked as Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, among many others, the party will not find a true reconstruction. There are many people, some close to Trump and the White House, others, industrial managers, still others, close to the political life of the nation who have served to previous administrations, calling for the removal of Donald Trump. Some of these like the former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci who sees Donald Trump in jail for inspiring a crowd of Trump supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol U.S. Fiona Hill, who was a national security official under President Donald Trump, said that Donald Trump "was trying to deliver a coup of state. "This fact, said in some other way, I assure you that it will constitute one of the articles, if not the first of the articles in the removal of Donald Trump. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, will initiate impeachment proceedings for Donald Trump and ensure that Democrats too will introduce a resolution Monday asking Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment. One of the many ramifications and consequences of the events of January 6 and against the traitors in the Senate, have begun, imagine that for this weekend more than 5,000 alumni and students of the law school signed a petition calling for the removal of Senators Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Ted Cruz (R- Tex.) for what they say were their “efforts to undermine the peaceful transition of power after a few free and fair elections ". Hawley and Cruz spearheaded efforts in the United States Senate Wednesday to halt the counting of electoral votes and not certify that Joe Biden was elected President of the United States. The organizers of this petition say that the signatories include more than 1,000 members of the Washington D.C., Missouri, and Washington bar associations. Texas. Among those who signed are former US Senator Russ Feingold, Harvard law professors Laurence Tribe and Michael Klarman, as well as retired appellate court judge H. Lee Sarokin and former White House chief ethics attorney Richard Painter. The Yale Law School students who started it, including Daniel Ki and Jenny Choi. He said they decided to do it because they didn't think convicting Hawley and Cruz was enough. Imagine this. I do not know what Ted Cruz's plan is, likely he intends to run for the presidency of the United States in 2024. With this, I am sure his plans will fall apart. If the petition becomes reality, he also loses the ability to work as a lawyer for the rest of his days. The situation is going to get profoundly serious for a good number of people from both parties, especially for the Republican party. For now and for a long time, Donald Trump is facing big legal problems. Apart from the at least 9 legal cases that We have previously mentioned that Donald Trump faces when leaving the presidency, there are new positions prepared at the moment in which I tell you this, they are serious, very very serious not only for Donald Trump, but for the Trump family. One of the most important goals of all this is ensure that Donald Trump can never again have a position in the United States government. Political violence and assassinations! Unfortunately, from where I see it, the violence is not going to stop. Unfortunately we will have more acts of violence in the streets not only during This upcoming swearing-in ceremonies for the newly elected president and vice president, but the armed groups that have been threatening specific individuals such as the Governor of the State of Michigan, Mrs. Gretchen Whitmer and others, will be actively promoting more violence. And if the authorities, especially the FBI, do not intensify their investigations and what they know how to do, we will not be surprised to see some political assassination in the not too distant future. As time passes, these multiple paramilitary groups would have time to regroup and set specific objectives. On both sides of the political spectrum there are people subject to be a target of these groups. Among them of course we find Nancy Pelosi, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Charles E. Schumer, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Melania Trump and some other people from lower profile but close to the administration of Donald Trump. Once the presidential term of Donald Trump ends, he becomes a potential target of a paramilitary group or a foreign political front. Hopefully, and this I am telling you is far from being true, however, there are a huge number of people who are unconditional supporters of Donald Trump who will never see the reality of the facts, they are not convinced that the results of the presidential elections were not irregular in any way. We will see more challenges from Donald Trump and his family not only in the final days of his presidency but for a long time to come. While this is happening, we have the primary need to get the vaccine in our arm and start a painful recovery of the economy, of a productive activity in general, a social recovery and for many thousands of people in the country, a family and emotional recovery. As state and federal authorities do their job regarding the best way to distribute the vaccine, we have to recognize that there are several variants of COVID- 19 circulating globally. In the United Kingdom (United Kingdom), a new variant has emerged with an unusually large number of mutations. This variant seems to spread more easily and quickly than other variants. Currently, there is no evidence that it causes a more serious illness or an increased risk of death. The variant, known in London and south-east England in September 2020 and is now very prevalent . Since then it has been present in numerous countries in the world, including the United States, Canada and Mexico where yesterday at the border city of Matamoros, the new variant appeared, coming from Mexico City. It is imperative that we continue to protect ourselves, covering our mouths, washing our hands, avoiding group meetings and closed places. Here in the state of Texas, from where I am speaking to you, there are new restrictions in place as of these days. We are not safe yet. Keep yourself well! Take care and stay well informed! I am Francisco Chaparro for Sin Límites a production of PuraVideCommunity. I send a big greeting to each one of you from the state of Texas here in the United States of America. Thank you for your attention and we will be back with you soon. Adios!
F. Chaparro Trasnlated from the Podcast Sin Límites
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The Vaccination Disaster - Coup Attempt January 6 2021, The Day The Capitol Was Taken
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