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After three months in confinement trying to control the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, protecting human life, and trying to protect the health sector infrastructure across the nation, almost all states had decided to reopen several sectors of the economy in these months of May and June, as a first step in the process that will culminate in a total opening of all economic sectors some time in the future. As of the date this article is edited, 121,012 folks have died in the nation with a total of 2,278,491 infected people since December 2019. We need to remember that each one of the numbers in the 121,012 figure is a person, perhaps a father or a mother, a husband or a wife, or a brother, a sister. The reopening of the economy has several forces pushing behind the scenes, among of them, the political force maybe one of the most important as we are a few months from the presidential election and a strong economy or a recovered one may be seen as the only component for a successful re-election of president Trump by his advisers and campaign managers at the White House. The way president Trump has detached himself from the minutia of all that is taking place in the nation related to the pandemic, and the way he has minimized the facts of the matter, is a clear indicative of his shift of focus to the only lifesaver he has: the economy. The same political pressure has been an important element contributing to an early reopening of various economic sectors like in the case of the state of Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and others. Results after an early reopening have been criticized as the number of contamination cases have risen. In some cases, like in the state of Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma the number of infections has escalated significantly compared to numbers prior to the reopening. The most important concepts we all must understand are these 4 facts: 1 - Nothing new has happened, 2 – The Novel Coronavirus still amongst us and we keep transmitting it person to person, 3 – There is no vaccine against it, and 4 – There is no one single therapeutic procedure to cure you if you get sick of Covid-19. There is nothing we can do to slowdown the reopening of the city were you live and where you work, and as I have published before, in general we do not want to be for ever at home, all we want and need is a protocol assuring us that the risk we are taking is the lowest possible one. There should be a plan of action and a protocol established by the state government to protect us all. Unfortunately, there is no such protocol or procedure. Details of this protocol were published by a previous article (podcast) titled “Our New Normal In general, what we needed to have is the following system, \pPlease note that part of this plan should include the following: A national entry system for identifying all individuals who have received a SARS-CoV-2 test that contains at least: o Name o Age o Sex o Home o Birthdate o Test History Date Result Spouse Children Access to SARS-CoV-2 tests at any time for anyone, Distribution and training in the use of digital thermometers, Issuance of health certificates: o Digital, o Paper o Stamped on arms Regional and local hospitals, clinics and emergency sites by state, county (Parishes) and city for the report of people who have been detected as potential carriers of SARS-CoV-2 Transportation for the mobilization of these people who need to be isolated for observation. Personnel to follow up and search for people with whom potential carriers have been in contact Well, we do not have such a program and we will not have it for some time, unless, something dramatic takes place. Because of this fact, you are responsible for establishing a protocol in your organization achieving the main objective of saving your organization and saving the lives of those working with you. Whatever this place maybe; an office, a factory, a restaurant, a pharmacy, whatever it is! While we do not have access to a verified vaccine against the Novel Coronavirus, this is the program you want to establish in your place of work. If you are not the person in charge of implementing this program, see your Human Resources Manager, or visit the CFO, or the CEO and get this done before you open the doors of the place. The Program Employee Side There are a few rules (not guidelines) to follow. These are not negotiable. 1. No one is to have access to the office (replace the word office as needed) unless the person has a valid “You Are Free of Covid-19” Certification. 2. You Are Free of Covid-19 Certificates are valid for one 24 hours period. 3. No one is to have access to the office having a corporal temperature outside the following range: 97°F (36.1°C) to 99°F (37.2°C) 4. No one is to have access to the office if sneezing and/or coughing. 5. No one is to have access to the office without a facemask. 6. Face shields are optional but recommended. The ‘You Are Free of Covid-19” certificate is obtained by a daily Covid-19 testing. Once the test result is negative, the employee shall receive a certification. This certificate could be a small certificate (see example), it could be a digital image of the certificate, sent to a mobile phone, Human Resources office, etc. Lastly, this certificate could be stamped on an arm. For those coworkers not passing the Covid-19 test, determination will be produced deciding what path is the best of the person. For those coworkers with a valid “You Are Free of Covid-19” certificate but exhibiting high temperature will be sent home until they have managed their high temperature reason. By the same token, for those coworkers with a valid “You Are Free of Covid-19” certificate but sneezing and/or coughing, they will be sent home until their condition returns to normal. Safety distancing will be kept inside the building; meetings and gatherings will be held practicing safety distancing with limits on the number of attendees. Naturally, disinfection and personal space cleaning is frequently practiced keeping surfaces and frequently touched objects disinfected and clean. Visitors Side A visitor will not be allowed to access to premises while offering a corporal temperature outside the following range: 97°F (36.1°C) to 99°F (37.2°C) All visitors will be wearing both a face mask and a face shield Visitors will have access to a “visitors Hall” only. This is a space prepared to received outsiders, consisting in a room divided by a plexiglass (or any other barrier) offering one section for the visitors and a second section for the company’s personnel. Disinfection of this area is performed after a visitor leaves the premises. This program is the closest way you would ensure your employees and even yourself that infections inside your place of work are near zero. In real life, it will never be zero. As long as the present conditions persist in the absence of a proven vaccine against the Novel Coronavirus, any other avenue offers a high risk of infections. Unfortunately, this program would not work for service businesses such as restaurants, bars, gymnasiums, theaters, bowling alleys, and others. As time has passed by, the medical industry has learned more and more about the characteristics of the Novel Coronavirus, about antibodies and about the health of those folks that have recovered from Covid-19. For some of the people that have recovered, they will have serious consequences for time to come. With all this in mind, the option is yours.
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June 19 2020
By F. Chaparro
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