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The central question is: Why Covbid-19? Almost five months into the Covid-19 pandemic we all are trying to understand the why, the reasons for this pandemic, the reasons this is happening and for those of us that have experienced Covid-19 and recovered and for those of us that have the difficult situation of having a family member passing due to Covid-19, the fundamental questions are complex and at the end of our meditations, we do not find a real answer. At this point in time, asking what would had happened if president Trump had reacted in accordance with the occasion early enough to truly change the path of all we have seen and suffer, does not conduce to a satisfactory answer explaining what is happening to the world, what is happening to our nation and why. Only a few months ago, we were ready to take the world in our hands and do something amazing, we had all kinds of plans and expectations. Now, doctors are trying the understand the mechanics of this Novel Coronavirus, and have all declared we are in a totally new territory as this is a New (Novel) virus, and because of this, nothing we have in the arsenal of medications at this point offer a cure to Covid-19, the illness produced by the Novel Coronavirus. The pundits in their immense renowned prestige have spoken for hours offering just that, words, and more words. The facts we all are seeing are appalling: The highest unemployment ever. Many compare the present situation to the Great Depression, the latest figure given two months ago (April), was 14.7% We have more than 122,000 deaths with more than 2, 374,282 registered cases of Covid-19. It is amazing that as the spread of the virus worsens, politicians have forced an early reopening on the one hand to secure that the economy recovers some figures in benefit of the reelection campaign of President Trump. Similar paths have been seen across Europe with the main difference on safety protocols and regulations established with the main objective of not losing gained ground in the battle against the pandemic. The domino effect taking place on the economy has no limits. The production of a huge number of acres of fruit and vegetables are now destroyed or sadly left to rot as main customers are closed due to the pandemic. Since restaurants, bars, schools, parks, hotels and many more business are closed, farmers do not have the channel to move their production. The meat industry is having the same or worst situation. Many employees working in meat processing plants are under the claws of Covid-19. In a TV interview with the news outfit CNN, a CEO of a meat processing plant in South Dakota offered the following statement: “The closure of this facility, combined with a growing list of other protein plants that have shuttered across our industry, is pushing our country perilously close to the edge in terms of our meat supply…These facility closures will also have severe, perhaps disastrous, repercussions for many in the supply chain, first and foremost our nation’s livestock farmers. These farmers have nowhere to send their animals.” If only reopening the economy would do the trick as naively and unprofessionally some politicians thought, like Texas governor Mr. Greg Abbott, then, the solution could follow an easy path. Unfortunately, at least two conditions, human conditions, this is, are to be considered and none of them were even visualized by many in government positions. Regrettable! One the one hand, fear. As I offered in previous articles (and podcasts), not because the restaurant around the corner is open, people will go. A recent survey conducted by Ipsos Mori has offered the following: more than 60% of us would be uncomfortable returning to places such as bars and restaurants, using public transport or going to a large gathering such as a sporting event. On the other hand, lack of public guidance. For many folks not wearing a facemask has become a political statement as President Trump and Vice President Pence have downgraded the very recommendations offered by the White House science team. I have personally seen hundreds of people gathered in closed quarters not wearing a facemask all over the metropolitan area of Houston. It seems the masses require the fatherly hand of a government imposing good behavior. It is true that the Texas state government, lead by an inept has politicized an early reopening of the economy in such a way that no city, no community have experience the guidance of a protocol that will assure success to the reopening of some sectors of the economy. If you are asking the question, what is coming next to us? Well…Quarantine one more time! Unfortunately, both, state and national leaders have their own ideas, visions, and political plans, and changing the way they proceed to manage the efforts to reopen the economy will not easily be changed. Result: A gigantic spread of the virus and a huge number of new cases across the nation The Main Question Nevertheless, the main question remains without an answer, and this is, why this is happening? Is this pandemic a natural process of the human experience to reduce excess population of the world? Like a hurricane, a natural process of the planet to vent off heat of the lower levels of the atmosphere. Is this pandemic the result of a stupid mistake taking place in a Chinese laboratory in the city of Wuhan? Is this simply an accident or mistake that has killed one halve of a million human beings? Is this pandemic the result of a more sinister and elaborate plan for the benefit of a certain economy? Is this pandemic in the sovereignty of God? A thought. We all men and women, when it comes to physical and occasionally spiritual elements, we have the tendency to only address the bad effects engulfing the world around us. Are we prepared to find a meaning and a purpose of this evil pandemic? If you dear reader embrace Judeo-Christian principles, here you have a verse form the book of the amazing prophet Isaiah that could put some light to the main question I am addressing here: Isaiah 45:7 “I form the light and create darkness; I make peace and create evil: I the Jehovah do all these things.” What is Next? To end with another thought about this matter, we may ask yet another key question: What are the next steps in the pandemic? To answer this one, we ought to visit the pages of history to see that disease repeatedly precedes famine. According to the United Nations’ World Food Program, before the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, the world had 135 million people facing critical levels of hunger. Now, they continue, with crop failure, government lockdowns, loss of tourism and economic recession, another 130 million could be pushed to the brink of starvation by the end of 2020. Dramatic, don’t you think? Most likely, we will see more riots, many more protests and unrest around the globe, from Africa, Europe, The Americas, and Asia. An increase unemployment all over the world, a second and perhaps more waves of infections, mass homelessness, banking failure, struggle for power, Civil wars.
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June 26 2020
By F. Chaparro
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Making Sense of Covid-19 Is There Anything We Must Understand?
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