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Hello, how are you? greetings to all of you who kindly listen to me, as always I send you all my greetings wherever you are in this vast, huge and beautiful continent of the Americas, from the northern part of Canada to the southern tip of Chile, there in the Land of Fire, Greeting! I am Francisco Chaparro and this is Sin Límites a PuraVidaCommunity production, With the presidential election just days away, what we see is not encouraging. As I offered in the previous podcast, a peaceful transition of power is the mark, the declaration, and the confirmation of a democracy. In our case, it seems that we are on our way of being one of those countries that for years were severely criticized and sanctioned by this country for the lack of peace, political and social stability, turbulent, violent presidential elections and in the midst of chaos. Now it seems is our turn, now the United States has arrived in a single administration, in a single presidency, to those terms. shouting Insults, to baseness devoid of morality, incitement to violence, lack of ethical composure and a personality lacking of class coming from this president in turn. After months of riots and violence due to the multiple racial problems that we lived during the summer months, the call for violence made by Mr. Trump will be fully answered by the neo-Nazi masses that have become the civil militias of Donald Trump. Of course, a congress with a Republican majority almost entirely made up of servile men like Marco Rubio, Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz and others who, under the baton of Mitch McConnel, unconditionally support the atrocities that Donald Trump have done and will continue to do. There is no way, there is nothing we can be done on this front. For many Republicans in Congress, the time has come to distance themselves from Donald Trump, as if they were watching the ship sinking. I think it is late and it is not surprising if at least 10 senatorial positions lose the Republicans who have truly been completely submitted to the will of Donald Trump. Those who criticized and despised him are now his deepest admirers! It is incredible! We are just 10-11 days until the end of the elections, on November 3. As I mentioned a few days ago, the despair of Donald Trump, and of his entire family, must be said is urgent. Keep in mind that it is very likely that some of the family members and some of the closest collaborators of the Trump organization, feel that they are going to get to jail. The number of voters voting to date has far exceeded the number of voters voting by the same time in 2016. Reason? Abuse of power, rampant corruption at the highest levels of government, grotesque hypocrisy from Mr. Trump, his allies and his family, nepotism, lack of morals - all have fueled a deep desire for a radical change in leadership of the nation. What I am telling you are pure speculation, but what alternatives does Donald Trump have to avoid facing not only the 9 trial processes that I mentioned during the previous podcast, but a long series of multimillion-dollar debt problems, apparently without having resources? If any of us were in those shoes, what would be the possible solution? There are only two options. First - Be reelected president of the United States, Second option, In case of losing reelection, leave the presidency before the month of January, that is, as Michael Cohen had predicted, resign the presidency and force Mike Pence, who would ascend to the presidency for a month, more or less, to forgive him of all the potential criminal actions that Donald Trump and his family could face. From Donald Trump's point of view, the first option is better. Being reelected gives you the ability to continue negotiating and pay your debts, not to mention the extraordinary opportunity for four more years of time to calmly plan if you want to remain president by changing the country's constitution. The latter sounds like a complete atrocity, but Donald Trump has already hinted at it a few months ago in one of his comments on Twitter. The second option, from where I see it, is a kind of parachute, if the first option is not given, we have the second. The question we must ask at this time is: What tools do Donald Trump have to be re-elected president of the United States? To achieve this, we have two paths. First. That directly and without ambiguity winning the popular vote, but more importantly, winning the Electoral College vote. Remember that this Electoral College is a process I presented in detail earlier. If you do, well, there is nothing else to do. We will have four more years of Mr. Trump. In due course, if this happens, we will talk about what this means for the country and for those of us here. Yet Mr. Trump sees the exact opposite of this time. At this time and according to the analysis made by the National Public Radio network, NPR, it is projected that Joe Biden has by this day 194 of the 297 electors of the electoral college and Mr. Trump 170 electors of the 297 he needs. As things are, the outlook is not the best for Mr. Trump and this first option seems not entirely viable. Second avenue. If he loses the election, his way is to declare electoral fraud. Declare that the elections are being stolen, that the Democrats committed fraud and theft of electoral ballots and declare the elections null and void. At the same time, he expresses the need for his supporters to take to the streets to demonstrate their protest at such atrocity while mounting a series of legal demands on each of the states where he did not win. This will be the beginning of a series of confrontations with at least four participants: On the one hand, the followers of Donald Trump. A mass made up of the common citizen simply in favor of Mr. Trump, along with neo-Nazi shock groups. The latter armed with military equipment ready for attack with large-caliber firearms as we saw in the state of Michigan. On the other hand, the followers of Joe Biden. A mass also made up of the common citizens along with Black Lives Matter groups. A third element will be the police forces of each of the cities where these huge demonstrations take place. Finally, a fourth element will be the national guard. What roles and what structure will these police and military bodies have? That is a good question. The hierarchical structure that they will keep is not entirely clear but what is clear is that if these movements and the level of violence have a semblance of an internal civil war, the main player will be the national guard imposing order and curfews. Probably not a vote recount will be accepted by Mr. Trump, who will continue to rant that his presidency was stolen. Remember my friend that the personal situation of Mr. Trump and his immediate family is most precarious. From what we know, as I said in the previous podcast, he owes approximately $ 420 million and as far as those that had been looking and analyzing his finances, he does not have the resources to pay this amount. At the moment we do not know to whom he owes this amount, which alone is a huge risk to national security. He also has pending to face at least the 9 lawsuits that I listed previously and perhaps some other important legal problems that have not come to light. Every day we learn something new from Mr. Trump. Like his secret account in China from which he extracted 15 million dollars of a large sum that was deposited apparently without much way to find the source of the deposit. This is the reason for all this drama, the reason why all this is about to happen. We all hope that there will be no loss of human life, but these shock groups, representing the civilian militia supporting Mr. Trump, have no scruples. It is not simply losing a presidential election, it is potentially going to jail, he, and some members of his family and personal circle. This would be one of the most dramatic passages of the history of the country. All this that we can somehow visualize has generated fear for many people. The fear of monetary and material losses that these shocks and demonstrations have the potential to cause to established businesses is what makes, for example, in the city of Chicago, the 'Louise Vuitton' company already has its windows protected with wood panels. In Chicago, many of the merchants on The Magnificent Mile are seriously affected by the possibility of more riots and have considered the need to install wood paneling as 'Louis Vuitton'. Remember that earlier this year, thanks to riots and mass demonstrations, vandals smashed windows, stole merchandise, and sometimes set fire to stores in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Portland, and other cities in the US. All this drama, all this is going to derive from Mr. Trump's actions, what he does, what he says, how he says it, what he submits on twitter and, of course, what he decides to do from the options he has. On hand, Donald Trump is not a patriot, he is a jingoist, he shouts cheers for the nation but does not put the nation first than his personal interest. If lives are lost in the process, well ... he does not really care. When at the beginning of the pandemic, he received precise information about the severity of the virus and its potential, he did not say anything to the nation but on the contrary, he minimized the problem, except for his contributors who today, we know were given details of the reality of the situation and the possible future of the problem. Of the more than 200,000 lives lost, he could have saved many of them. It is not difficult to visualize that Donald Trump at some point, will call national heroes to any of his followers lost during the events after the election day. What an aberration! We are waiting for events, hoping, wishing, that all this is just a story, a nightmare of bad taste. On the contrary, we await events at the level of this nation, let me put it this way, at the level of one of the most sober and politically mature nations in the world. Hopefully, even though, for the last almost four years, we have had hints of a third world nation, we can distinguish ourselves for what we really ought to be. In the coming days we will be very vigilant of the most significant events. Check out the following: The YouGov organization conducted a survey in early October 2020 with a sample of 1,999 registered voters, found the following: "Do you think the election is probably fair and honest" - 47% disagreed. "Americans will generally agree on who is the legitimately elected president" - 51% disagreed. And 56 percent said they expect an increase in violence as a result of the vote. You friend, where are you on these questions? Regardless of all this, remember that we are, rather, we continue during a pandemic. Now the CDC offers us a change of our risk level contracting the Novel Coronavirus. If we stay within 6 feet (two meters) of an infected individual for 15 minutes or more in the 24-hour period, we are at great risk of infection. My final comment is that we are living moments of anguish, drama and of a great historical juncture. Keep yourself well! Take care and stay informed! I am Francisco Chaparro for Sin Límites a production of PuraVideCommunity. I send a big handshake to each and every one of you from the state of Texas here in the United States of America. Thank you for your attention and we will be back with you soon. Goodbye!
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October 23, 2020
Text is a Translated Transcript F. Chaparro Podcast - Sin Límites “Electiones – Caos Y Violencia” Aired October 23, 2020
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Elections - Chaos And Violence The Trump Era!
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