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We welcome your articles, stories, recipes and any other contribution to our website. Thank you for sending us your writings. The following are some general guidelines for you to follow in writing articles to be published by PuraVidaCommunity. Your articles most have a Title Subject or Area such as o Commentary, o Opinion, o Recipe, o Nutrition , o Legal, o Etc. Date your article Offer your name and place of residence. We will publish them. Example: J. Miller - Houston, Texas Please do not send PDF files, we welcome .doc or .txt files Optional. You could send us pictures of the author in a JPG format (any size) Do not use offensive language Do not offense organizations, companies, individual persons or ethnic groups; we will not publish your article Make your article no more than 20,000 words
Your Contribution Is Important.  We invite you to send your articles, stories, comments and opinions; after all, the rest of the world could read your story
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