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The note in the newscast about yet another caravan forming in Central America marching towards the US seems to be losing momentum only to be re-fired when Mr. Trump decides to travel again through the border between Mexico and the United States. From within the United States, the subject cannot be more divisive than this one. As of this June 2019, it is tearing apart the nation along the other two gigantic troublesome matters: The China-US war and Mr. Robert Muller’s investigation. As we may not see behind the borders, the situation in Mexico is reaching levels of a real catastrophe as thousands of Central American migrants not finding their way into the United States, have decided to take action by themselves and have illegally occupied empty houses by the hundreds along the main border cities. Many other migrants, in the thousands have decided to stay in Mexico in a permanent basis, at least for now. In several cases they do not ask but they demand services, food, money, jobs and more. Not only along the border cities, Mexicans see the presence of hundreds of migrants, some trying to go back to their countries of origin after months of endless walking, malnutrition for the lack of food and of a terrible experience, frustration and humiliation by the US process at the border and a hopeless future for some of them. Almost every Mexican city is now an occupied territory of migrants from central America. Violence is about to be the norm if the situation does not change! Many city parks along the Mexican national landscape are now camping grounds. What it was a nice green area for families to enjoy is now a tent city without restrooms or facilities for personal hygiene. If the situation escalates and more caravans of central-American migrants continue crossing the region into Mexico with the objective of continuing their path to the US-Mexico border, as it is happening today and, as it will happen in the future, a real human atrocity of gigantic proportions is cooking under the skin of millions of Mexicans. This uncontrolled migration must be stopped! The Roots of all Evil Poverty, general corruption at all levels, social and personal marginalization, lack of protection, lack of opportunities, lack of education, lack of freedom and subhuman living conditions are the roots of all evil. These and some more, are the main reasons why these men, children and women rather die than remain in Honduras or El Salvador or Guatemala. And, if conditions are not changed soon, they will truly die trying to reach the so called ‘promised land’. The Solution But, how to address these many areas of change? How to re-design a region embedded and anchored in a history of political abuse, corrupt institutions and experiencing a massive exodus of their population? From inside Honduras for example, the view of the general population reflects a complete lack of hope in the nation. The changes they want to see are so complex and so improbable that all seems to be far, far away in the distant future or in the arena of the supernatural. “it will be a miracle!” Life in Honduras, El Salvador or even Guatemala, is for may nationals, almost an impossible and unbearable existence. If the present conditions are to be changed for the good of these nations, producing a stable and productive central American region, with citizens finding the means, the freedom and the security they deserve, then, the concept of foreign noninterference ought to be revised as the only avenue there is to bring prosperity and order to the region resides precisely in the formation of a multinational group, assigned with the task and responsibility of injecting resources and overseeing the changes in the political landscape of these nations. But who is in this group? Naturally the scope of this article is not to offer the detail of this organization, however, due to the impact and the importance of the project, what about the following nations? Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, Mexico and United States. These could very well be a group of nations commissioned to bring prosperity to the central American region, to bring the economic components to propel their economies, their education systems, to change the political landscape and to produce the results needed to secure that, their nationals are able to find a path of life with many (if not all) the elements one requires to emerge in the searching of progress and happiness. If Not This Project, Then Another One But We Need One If not this project, if not this solution, then the organization of nations needs to find one. One thing is sure, if the same conditions persist in the region for a while longer, the entire north and central America regions will be witness, front row, of one of the most spectacular social and political events of violence and unrest as not seen before in the region. These many acts of violence and unrest will impact in ways not see before the commerce, the safety, the transportation and the tourism in all border states along USA-Mexico on both sides of the border for years. Most of the 1954 miles (3,146 Kms) of the USA-Border will become a zone of violence. The Solution is not a military one The solution cannot be through a military deployment nor should we turn the zone in a military controlled area. This will generate an even greater antagonistic sentiment towards the United States. AND WE DO NOT SOLVE THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM! Do we want to apply military power to stop people like the ones in the picture, walking all the way from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, with the mission to reach the United States to work and have resources to eat? If from our perspective, what they are doing it is correct or not, shall we send our soldiers to stop these folks?
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June 5 2019
All participants, either countries, governments or people have to understand that no one wins, all of you lose.
If there is a conclusion on this situation, we would like to adhere to the one offered by Mr. Oscar Contreras, general academic secretary of the Colegio de la Frontera Norte (Colef) with headquarters in the city of Tijuana, Mexico: “As long as the structural conditions for the expulsion of migrants from the south (Central America) are not changing, it is going to continue in one way or another.” In very simple words, if people is oppressed and hungry, we will have caravans for years to come!
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And yet another caravan, and another, and another, unless… A very dangerous situation is at our doorstep…
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