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Amazing Birthhouses in Texas
Crossing on highway 290 from the city of Houston to Austin, one finds a small community in the middle of Fayette and Washington Counties, in Texas. The community name is Carmine with a population of about 231 residents according to the latest census of 2010. Several antique shops are aligned along the highway offering a variety of options for those looking for a bargain. One of the most relevant places to stop and visit is a unique business by the name of Burt’s Birdhouses. Located near the city limits on your way back to Houston, this business will certainly call your attention for some time. Family operated, Frank Burt (father) and Chris Burt (son) have managed this unique business for about 40 years! Originals from Carmine, the family Burts has produced amazing birdhouses, extraordinary pieces of fine craftsmanship!
Mr. Frank Burt Founder of Burt’s Birdhouses
One may think that a birdhouse is made by a number of pieces of wood cut and put together in different shapes resembling our human houses, although the birdhouses manufactured by the Burts may resemble a human house extracted from an infant storybook, the kind of wood these are made, the size and the diameter of the orifice to access the inside of the main chamber (the door) is specifically dedicated to attract a specific kind of bird. Is this amazing? Apart from the amazing details involved in arriving to the final product, the family Burt has managed to reach a national market from all over the United States. Burt’s birdhouses are in gardens and backyards at hundreds of houses across the state of Texas and across the county.  Not only that, but hundreds of these birdhouses are today adorning parks, gardens, balconies and backyards in other countries of the world. The following are some of the great birdhouses the family Burt has in exhibition at their shop in Carmine, Texas. Check them out!
Bird Feeder
Single and Multi Tenant
Multi Tenant
Multi Tenant
Pole Multi Tenant
Front Exhibit Area
Multi Tenant
Visitor at the Exhibition Area