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Our Health is the most precious possession we have

When we talk about Health in our nation, in most cases we are talking about the health system, this is, the medical providers naturally including all the insurance organizations representing a form of health-care providers, both private and governmental entities providing medical coverage to the peoples of the nation.

In our case here in PuraVida, we want to address this term from the personal view of health, this is, our health and what is that we need to do to keep us healthy. To begin with, we want to make sure we all talk about the very same thing; we would like to believe that when we address HEALTH we are talking about what Merriam Webster definition of health is:

The general condition of the body or mind, especially in terms of the presence or absence of illnesses, injuries, or impairments.

Naturally we will address some of the concerns we all have in terms of the cost of our health and also about what is that we would like to see in relation to our personal health and the health of those we love. We need to recognize that when addressing our health, we also think about the cost involved in attending a health-care provider in times of need.

Our health is truly the most precious possession we have

And we must do everything in our hand to keep it and to extend it in the best possible condition. As we age, natural processes take place and our bodies began to change the way they perform, however, it is truly possible to conceive the idea of reaching our oldest years fully functional if we prepare and anticipate for those golden years.

Let us apply ourselves in pursue of our Health

As always, you are invited to post your articles and to give us your knowledge in this area.

In this segment of PuraVida, we want to accomplish two objectives:
1) we want to offer the information members are posting as their participation on this subject and
2) we want to present potential preferential services to members of our community.

If you want to participate in this segment, you could send us:

  • An article about health including nutrition, exercise, etc,
  • An experience of your own about health,
  • A family-home recipe,
  • Any other source of knowledge about health.

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The best way to live longer
Mario P Moore
December 12 2011
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