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In recent history by the 70’s, 17 out of 20 countries in the Latin America were ruled by dictatorship. Today about 40 years of democratic process, nearly every nation in the region, with exception of Cuba and Venezuela, are governed by a democratic form of government. According to Latinobarómetro, a multinational polling service organization (polling this particular trend since 1995), only 48 percent of Latin Americans favor democracy over an authoritarian form of government. Of this 48 percent segment of the polled sample, 28 percent expressed the opinion that democracy is not necessarily desirable than authoritarianism. As to the question of what system of government nationals prefer, the following table represents the percentage of citizens per nation saying “it does not matter whether a nation has a democratic government or not.” Country Percent El Salvador 54 Honduras 41 Brazil 41 Mexico 38 Panama 34 Guatemala 34 Dominican Republic 29 Many Latin American nations (perhaps all of them) are plagued by many social and political maladies, the three mains are: Corruption, crime and inequality. This fact may shock people in other countries of the world, for the Latin American region this preference may be in accord to its history. As gold, silver and other elements brought unlimited wealth, influence and power to the Spanish elite during the many years during and after the conquest of the Americas, the process brought unlimited and unspeakable cruelty to the native Americans. Today, centuries later, a selected social group in charge of an illicit international drug and humnan commerce has brought wealth, influence and power to them, but death, misery and cruelty to a crushing majority, just like centuries ago. In several countries from north, central and south America, (El Salvador, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala) drug cartels and antigovernment armed groups rule in some cities, wearying democracy and the rule of law. An increasing number of people in the Latin America region yearn for a political strongman who can solve problems like corruption, crime and inequality. The hope of a true leader rising from the masses bringing a new and stable region, where people could work, produce, eat and satisfy basic needs, lives in the hearts of every one of the Latin American citizens From the Rio Bravo to the Land of Fire. Latin America could very well be the hope of the planet. A huge region with abundant resources of all elements one could possibly think of. A true sleeping giant! As the region slips away from the influence of the United States, the powers of the world are establishing presence and roots in Latin America. Russia, China, England, Germany (the EU) and the Holy Roman Empire, are the main players. Would a new cycle of ransacking the riches of the Americas to satisfy the endless thirst of the Europeans is coming again? Monarchy in Latin America? If things continue to be as they are today in South America, soon Brazil will have a King. Imagine this: President Jair Bolsonaro has reinstated commemorations of the 1964 coup that leaded 21 years of military dictatorship. Prince Luiz Philippe de Orléans e Bragança, a royal descendant of both Holy Roman Emperor Francis II and Brazilian Emperor Pedro II is President Jair Bolsonaro’s adviser on foreign policy. This man claims the election of Mr. Bolsonaro to the Highchair of Brazil is the first step to restoring monarchy in Brazil. Shall we be alarmed by this fact? If corruption, crime and inequality continue to be the norm, the alliance both economic and political to the European and Asian powers seeking the richest of the new world, will become stronger in a way that South America will experience not a union of equals but the Latin American nations will become subject states to Europe.
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September 9 2019
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Is Latin America, Moving Away from Democracy? The future of Democracy In The Region
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