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Even though we have pending the publication of several episodes on the topic of immigration to the United States, the topic of the situation related to the Novel Coronavirus around the world continues to be by far the only topic that finds resonance in each and every one of us. And why not? This subject affects each of us in the most fundamental of our existence! As we see and hear it every day, all day long, in general the situation regarding the lives that are lost every day continues to be terrible. For this Saturday. April 11th here in the state of Texas we have: State of Texas Confirmed 11,671 Recovered 1,366 Deads 226 United States Confirmed: 510,037 confirmados Recovered 29,243 - 5.73 % Deads 19,709 - 3.86 World Confirmed: 1,724,736 Recovered: 390,335 Deads: 104,938 The official position, that is, the position of the federal government and of course of all the states of the union is to return to normality as soon as possible. Let me say this differently. To return to something that will be our new normal while we do not have a verified and distributed vaccine to the entire population of the country. As we know, going to the store or to the pharmacy are very high risk trips, even more so going back to an office sharing the space and the environment with several people. If you work visiting your clients or looking for new sales opportunities, think twice. Wherever we visit, whether we are part of the regular staff, or some public establishment such as a restaurant or a clothing store, just entering the establishment invites us to ask if we are free of potential Novel Coronavirus contamination. At the same time, people inside the establishment or office will wonder if you represent a source of contamination or a source of disease for them. The question is: are you contaminated or perhaps even more so, if you are ill and perhaps have no symptoms? As long as we do not have a vaccine verified and distributed to the entire population of the country, we do not have internal peace or in other words, we do not have the reassuring promise of the protection that a vaccine provides, we will have to resort to other means that allow us all having on the one hand, the personal security of not being in the presence or company of an infected person and on the other, the security that our presence does not compromise the live of others. As soon as you and I are vaccinated, believe me, we will feel an instantaneous security and a great joy of having regained our freedom, of being able to come and go wherever we please. As long as this does not happen, we have few options, in fact very few. If the purpose is to reopen the country's economic activities, of course paying attention and giving importance to how many more people could lose their lives, we will have to establish an action plan, both a material and human infrastructure to satisfy the needs of the industry in general. Please note that part of this plan should include the following: A national entry system for identifying all individuals who have received a SARS-CoV-2 test that contains at least: o Name o Age o Sex o Home o Birthdate o Test History Date result o Spouse o Children Access to SARS-CoV-2 tests at any time for anyone, Distribution and training in the use of digital thermometers, Issuance of health certificates: o Digital, o Paper o Stamped on arms Regional and local hospitals, clinics and emergency sites by state, county (Parishes) and city for the report of people who have been detected as potential carriers of SARS-CoV-2 Transportation for the mobilization of these people who need to be isolated for observation. Personnel to follow up and search for people with whom potential carriers have been in contact. The national entry system for identifying all individuals who have received a SARS-CoV-2 test will be administered and managed by a new institution that may be named the United States Pandemic Authority (USPA). Once we have received this SARS-CoV-2 test and the result is negative, we could receive a certificate like the one shown here. We could receive this certificate directly on our cell phone, or it could be stamped on one of our arms or it could be just like the current driver's licenses that most of us carry. The protocol This certificate is as fundamental as is our driver's license. It will be necessary to show this certificate at all times to access various places such as shops, banks, hospitals, churches, offices, restaurants, shopping centers, work agencies and of course any government office. However, before accessing the interior of any of these places, we will find a station for measuring our body temperature. That is, a specially designated clerk will take a measurement of our body temperature. If our body temperature is higher than the temperature established by the USPA, not only will we not have access, but the institution has the obligation to report the fact to any of the many designated clinics or hospitals in the area to transport us to one of the isolation and observation areas. If our temperature is nominal but our health certificate has expired, we will not have access to the property either. Each and every one of us is responsible for keeping our health certificates up to date. How could we have personal exchanges without these security measures? How could you have complete confidence to go to your office without feeling and remaining in a state of fear, without these measures and these types of procedures? Please think that one of the main problems we face in this battle as soon as we leave our home, are all those people who can infect us with this virus. Either they are already sick or they are a carrier without symptoms. Please also think that for anyone who sees us coming, we represent just that, or a virus carrier that shows no symptoms or a sick person spilling viruses everywhere. How many of us are willing to go to work without the protection measures that guarantee us an environment free of contamination from this virus and this disease? Dear readers, what do you think of all this? On the other hand, I want to comment on a study that was conducted from February 19 to March 2 in China and that has led to the publication here in the United States by the CDC of an article under the heading Emerging Infectious Diseases. The transcript of this Podcast has been published under the titles Our New Normal and Nuestra Nueva Normal. Well, the case is that three conclusions are offered, one of them establishes that the distance of 6 feet as a good practice of social distancing must be changed to 4 meters, that is, a distance of 12 feet. The article published by the CDC is interesting and very direct. I recommend it. Keep well! Be careful and stay informed!   I'm Francisco Chaparro for Sin Límites a PuraVideCommunity production. Greeting to each and every one of you from the state of Texas here in the United States of America. Thank you for your attention and we are soon with you again. Bye
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April 12 2020
Podcast Transcript F. Chaparro
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Our New Normal A Potential Protocol To Re-Open The Nation
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