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Venezuela No Longer A Democracy But A Dictatorship!
What we all are witnessing is the loud falling of one of the richest countries of the region. Venezuela is falling to the dark side of a dictatorship and in the process her leaders are killing the oil machinery that represented for all Venezuelans, the hope of stability, a higher living standard, educations for all and peace for generations to come. Unfortunately, all that is gone! Venezuela is collapsing before the eyes of the international community, especially the community of Latin American countries. The economic situation inside the country brings memories of the Soviet Union with long lines of people to enter empty stores. In general, the basic consumables such as bread, rice, milk, eggs, toilet paper and hundreds of other items of basic consumption including medications are no longer supplied to the public, not because these items are hidden from the public but because there is no production and there is not production because there are not raw materials to produce them. Now, no foreign country is offering Venezuela’s government additional credit to buy the materials needed. Additionally, President Maduro’s economic plan has severely castigated every private business organization in such a way that running a business these days in Venezuela is no longer advisable nor desirable by anyone. Price control and prophet control by Mr. Maduro’s economic policy prohibits anyone in his sane mind to be in business. Electric service is interrupted by hours in some sectors and in some cities across the country as a “savings” policy. The situation is one of the most critical situations a nation in Latin America has experienced in recent history of the region including the years that Chile lived under the dictatorship of the Military “Junta” of General Augusto Pinochet. Venezuela is leaving democracy and becoming a dictatorship under the direction of Mr. Nicolas Maduro and if the political process continues in this path, Venezuelans will be immersed in a terrible poverty conditions for years to come. Four years after Nicolas Maduro arrived at the presidency, Venezuela's economy faces the biggest economic crisis in its history. Because of high inflation, prices have soared almost an average of three times their original cost, food and medicine shortages exceeding more than 85 percent. Abuse of power, arbitrariness in freedom of expression, political prisoners and a fraudulent National Constituent Assembly violating the Constitution, make Venezuela a weak state. The protests accuse Maduro of giving a coup d’état, promoted by influential personalities and supported by the boredom in good part of the society. Since February 12, the streets of Venezuela have been occupied by citizens and student activists in opposition to the actions of the government of Nicolás Maduro, security forces and illegal armed groups, have put the country in deep economic, political and social imbalances, That, to date, the results indicate 31 official deaths, more than 450 injured and almost 2,000 detainees, 121 of them still in prison. What Other Nations are Doing? Foreign ministers of LA agree: 'Venezuela is no longer a democracy' The declaration of the 17 countries of the Americas and the Caribbean was presented by Peruvian Foreign Minister Ricardo Luna, who said: 'What happened in Venezuela is a decisive break, what we have now is a dictatorship' The 17 countries of America and the Caribbean gathered in Lima today to discuss the situation in Venezuela reaffirmed their common opinion that this nation "is no longer a democracy" and that "the acts emanating" of its Constituent Assembly "are illegitimate." These were two of the conclusions expressed in the so-called Lima declaration issued by the foreign ministers just after the meeting they held throughout the day and which included the recognition of the National Assembly as the only legitimately elected body in Venezuela, the rejection of violence and a condemnation of the violation of human rights committed in the country. The statement was presented by Peruvian Foreign Minister Ricardo Luna, who did not hesitate to say to the media that "what happened in Venezuela" in recent days "is a decisive break" in the political situation and that " What we have now is that Venezuela is a dictatorship. " Basically, the declaration is an agreement on the fact that in Venezuela the democratic order has been broken, and to restore that order, it happens to revert the Constituent Assembly, "said Luna. The Lima Declaration, in its "full support and solidarity" with the "democratically elected" National Assembly, pointed out that all legal acts that according to the current Venezuelan Constitution "require authorization" of it, will only be recognized when said Assembly " Have approved them. " In addition, he also expressed "his support and solidarity with the Attorney General, Luisa Ortega Díaz, and the members of the Public Ministry of Venezuela" who were dismissed by the Constituent Assembly and demanded the "application of precautionary measures issued by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Humans". The foreign ministers also condemned "the systematic violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms, violence, repression, and political persecution, the existence of political prisoners and the lack of free elections under independent international observation." The document also highlighted that in Venezuela the "requirements and obligations" of the members of the United Nations Human Rights Council are not fulfilled and supported the decision to "continue the application of the Inter-American Democratic Charter to Venezuela". It also explicitly supported Mercosur for its decision to suspend Venezuela under the Ushuaia Protocol. Along with this, the foreign ministers requested to suspend any transfer of arms to Venezuela if this situation continues in the country. They also called for the pro tempore presidency of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the European Union (EU) to suspend the planned summit between the two organizations by October 2017 until this crisis is resolved. In its last point, the Lima Declaration underscored its support "urgently" for "any credible negotiation effort that, in good faith," has "the consensus of the parties" faced in Venezuela and is " The restoration of democracy in the country. " In Venezuela, a series of demonstrations for and against the government have been registered since April 1, leaving 121 dead, a situation that has intensified since the establishment of the Constituent Assembly last Friday, which is not recognized by the opposition and several Governments and international organizations. To that crisis was added the revolt last Sunday of about twenty men dressed in military and carrying long arms that left three dead and eight arrested. Potential Future of the Region If Mr. Nicolas Maduro continues his economic and political programs, the nation will be more and more isolated not only in the Latino America region but in the world. Today, Venezuela has not credit to purchase basic raw materials needed in several key industries, imports are hard to achieve for the same credit deficit reason and the national production level has reached in some areas a complete stop. The level of insecurity is also increasing to never seen levels in some areas of the country. Border trafficking of basic consumable is unstoppable if the nation cannot supply of these consumables to the people. Business people are flying to other nations from Colombia, Mexico and the United States. Those who support Mr. Maduro are Venezuela’s upper management level of the armies. They have access to productive business making for the first time a great deal of money in the process. When this end, they may not see things the way they see the nation today. Lower level army personnel receive some sort of compensation in toilet paper, one of the items becoming to be a real treasure in Venezuela. For how longer time would this continue to appease army personnel? Without production, without educated people to properly run the national oil industry, without the opposition of political educated people and without the business people that escaped abroad, Venezuela may collapse.
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