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Is Terrorism in Europe Associated To Islamic Immigration? A Lesson To Learn By The Nations Of The Americas
Introduction Have you notice that ISIS attacks in the European community have taken place ONLY in Paris, London, Stockholm, Berlin and Nice? This is, the western side of the European community. No other nation has so far experience the horrors of explosive-vans targeting populated streets or coordinated attacks destroying families and altering the peace of thousands of people. Is there a reason for this you may ask? In contrast, observe that Central Europe has not seen any of this violence; countries such as Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia do not have faced what the western European nations have. What is the difference between these European nations and the others listed above? A simple answer: Immigration. Islamic immigration, that is.
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The saddest part of the story is that no one European leader offers any policy solution whatsoever to stop this irrational killing of European citizens; men, women and children! A van rammed into a crowd in Barcelona on Thursday August 17th of this 2017, killing at least 13 people and injuring more than 100 others. ISIS claimed responsibility for the terror attack on Thursday through its propaganda arm, according to the SITE Intel Group. The Thursday attack came after a string of incidents in Europe where vehicles were used as weapons. Former U.K. Independence Party leader and Brexit advocate Nigel Farage says, “There is a direct link and relationship between the number of people you let in from different religions and different cultures and the number of terror attacks,” Farage also noted that Brexit was about protection and safety: leaving the European Union and controlling immigration. “We actually want to control our borders, not because we dislike anybody, but because we believe firstly in sensible border controls,” he said. “What’s happening in America is that amazes me,” Farage said. “There’s a large section of America that is much more concerned with tearing down historical statues that date back to the Civil War than recognizing who the real enemy of the West is!”
There are thousands of illegal immigrants from North Africa (most of them Islamic) arriving to the coastal areas of Spain.
The Path Latin America Ought to Follow The observation is a valid one. Look at what is taking place in the United States of America for example. A country founded under Judeo-Christian principles. For more than one hundred and eighty years this nation followed the principles dictated by Scripture. At some point in time in its history, the United States was considered to be a conservative Christian nation. Moral and ethical values were the driving factors in all aspects of the society, from business to education, from industry to family, values like Honor, Respect, Honesty, Loyalty and many more were the pillars supporting the American society. Today, after a long period of almost uncontrolled legal immigration from many of the nations of the Middle East, Mosques have popped like flowers in the meadows; the national school system has been changed by the new Islamic society demanding the removal of Christian traditions to accommodate Islamic views.
Sadly many politicians in their insatiable need of power in opposition to the preservation of the American values have succumbed to a “politically correctness” approach in favor of the destruction of the nation.   Lessons to Learn from This Experience For nations south of the Rio Grande, from Mexico to the southern tip of Chile, the lessons given by the United States and Europe are ones that cannot and should not be ignored. For a vast continent of 26 nations where extremist Islamic terrorism is not present, receiving refuges from the Middle East is the most dangerous gamble Latin- American nations could embark to satisfy the pressure of any political and or religious leaders. Latin America as a group of nations following those countries such as Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia that have refused to yield to the pressure imposed by Angela Merkel and other European politicians, must be firm and steady in their immigration policies and they must energetically refuse to bring Islamic refuges into their social structure.
The penalty of doing otherwise is the disruption of the harmony and peace Latin American citizens enjoy as off today.  It is important to recognize that there are regions in Latin America where violence has escalated to inhumane and insane levels, regions where fear and oppression exercised by a number of drug cartels have destroyed the harmony and the social peace those regions enjoyed years ago. This is a reality no one can denied, however, the government of countries such as Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia and others, are seriously and fully combating the roots of those problems. Eventually, the governmental forces of each one nation respectively will prevail and the thugs will lose the battle, order will be restored and peace will return to be the norm of each nation. No one in Latin America needs to add the sickness and the derailed mentality nor the twisted believes of Islamism.
Would you like to have a pack of this twisted mind Islamic Extremists in any of the nations of the Latin America region? NO, no body wants this!
September 2 2017