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Our Reason for PuraVidaCommunity
Welcome to PuraVidaCommunity
The Foundation for our community
We as Latinos account for perhaps the third largest ethnic group in the USA; without a doubt we have played a major role in the history of our prosperous country from its foundation to this date and we will continue influencing our nation every single day as we deliver our labor, ingenuity, dedication, honesty and creativity across the land. On the other hand, we also have been behind in several areas due to our lack of unity and common grounds. Although other minority groups may continue growing we still have the advantage and the resources to excel and to become the next leader group in our nation.
Welcome to PuraVidaCommunity
We represent an impressive 16.15% of the total population of the nation and growing at an impressive percentile as well. Economically, we have the edge of all groups as demonstrated by a study carried out and published by Mr. Jeff Humphreys director of the Selig Center, Office of Marketing and Communications - Terry College of Business - UGA, Brooks Hall - Athens, GA 30602-6254 - 706-583-0009

Welcome to PuraVidaCommunity

As impressive as this is, sometimes it seems we as a group are not totally configured as a unified social group when it comes to central areas such as education, industry, health, entrepreneurship and perhaps the most important of all, information sharing and community representation.

If we as a group were in the position to bridge these needs, is then that the Latino community will flourish at its full potential and perhaps blossom with its innate leaders in as many areas as in the social, intellectual, political, industrial and educational arenas of the national endeavors to say the least. Are you one of them? Is perhaps that you have the opportunity of becoming a bright light casting light upon the community? Is today your moment to propose your ideas to the nation, your hopes and aspirations, your solutions and your enthusiasm?

This is our time, our time to excel in all areas of life, to become the central group participating in all economical areas of development at positions and locations better yet of what we have accomplished. IT IS OUR TIME TO SHARE IDEAS, EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE. Every one of us has a lesson to offer, a piece of knowledge to share with others. To accomplish this, WE MUST TAKE ADVANTAGE OF WHAT TECHNOLOGY OFFERS US.
In an effort to lay down the conduit with the tools and the environment for this to take place is that PuraVidaCommunity came to exist. We want to be known as the medium unifying the Latino community of the nation and providing a hub of information that will deliver a number of benefits to all Latinos in the United States of America, PuraVidaCommunity is the way; these benefits are:

  • Helping in the understanding of who we are, where are we coming from and where are we going in our nation.
  • Share information and learn from it.
  • ONLY emphasize the positive of our community and of our lives.
  • Communicate each other with similar language.
  • Be pride of our heritage, our restless labor and our great contributions to our nation and to the world.
  • Meet other interesting people.
  • You can freely express yourself, people across the nation and the world will know about you. You will be the protagonist.
  • Participate in future community events or perhaps you are an organizer of community events.
  • The more members the community has, the better negotiation power we have to obtain better prices and better products at preferential prices.
  • Familiarize with other Latin languages.





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