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A Nation and a World Immersed in Violence Why is the Earth filled with violence?
Introduction From a distance it seems the nation follows a cyclical sequence of violence. From January to October 2017, we have seen six (6) violent acts including terrorism, social unrest with violence or a terrible massacre like the one recently taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year, we have seen an increase in violence and social unrest along brutal naturally produced calamites. Human lives have been lost in the hundreds and thousands more were displaced by the storms Harvey and Maria. In this 2017, from rampage killing in Orlando Florida to the most resent massacre in Las Vegas, the nation seems to be deeply drawn in violence. Sadly, violence is becoming a phenomenon now connecting social media, the news media and politicians with the purpose of advancing points of views and political strategies without producing likely solutions for a nation more and more divided by violence, economic disparity and racial tensions.
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Date Location Killed Injured Type Description 6 Jan 2017 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 5 6 TER-Islam Shooting attack at Fort Lauderdale Airport; 5 killed, 6 injured; 12,000 people evacuated from airport 31 Jan 2017 Denver, Colorado 1 0 TER-Islam Fatal shooting of Denver transit authority guard 14 Jun 2017 Alexandria, Virginia 1 5 TER-left Shooting attack targeting Republican lawmakers at a baseball field; 5 injured including U.S. Representative Steve Scalise and 1 police officer; attacker was fatally shot 12 Aug 2017 Charlottesville, Virginia 1 19 TER-right Vehicular attack on protestors 24 Sep 2017 Antioch, Tennessee 1 8 TER Shooting attack on church service; attacker was injured 1 Oct 2017 Las Vegas, Nevada 59 527 ? Sniper attack on concert; fatalities included 1 police officer and 2 Canadians; attacker killed himself
USA 2017 Violent Acts
People of all walks are asking for the cause of such a change in the general behavior of the nation. People of all age, social position and ethnic background are questioning the reasons for the highly frequent occurrences of violence in our midst. The United States had endured a large number of acts of violence since the late 1800s, however, the presence of violence has now reached almost all communications channels such as radio, music, television, theater, cinema, video games and some sports. It is hard to find a television channel not showing TV series or movies based on atrocities, scenes of violence, drug abuse, prostitution, magic, Satanism and purely evil content. This has been the norm for about two generations now. Experts on psychology and sociology as the “regular, everyday” citizens are questioning the potential effect that such a vulgar and violent environment has in the minds of the recipients of the violent message and the raw images. Please see the following report produced by A.C. Nielsen Co. regarding the amount of time Americans spend in front of a television set.
Please pay attention to the Violence section: 8,000 murders seen by an average child by the time he/she finishes elementary school, 200,000 violent acts seen by folks when reaching 18 years of age, and 79% of Americans believing TV violence influence real life mayhem. If you want to see the complete report, click on this link
The following scene is now taking place in many homes across the nation: Scrawled on the couch, Dad watches a knife plunge into the stomach of a gang member who coughs up blood as he dies. The father dozes in and out of sleep,  bathed in the flickering light of the television. Upstairs, his son clenches a video game controller. He navigates a Navy SEAL to stealthily dispatch a guard by snapping his neck. His younger brother watches. The next morning, Mom leans toward the bathroom mirror, applying eyeliner. Her clock radio reports the news: Single mother of three killed in burglary…children put in foster care. For a fleeting moment, her heart goes out to the children left parentless by such a meaningless act, but she quickly finishes applying the makeup to stay on schedule.  She descends the stairs and crouches to tie the laces of her daughter’s shoes. By the time the girl finishes elementary school, she will have seen about 8,000 TV murders. A bed-headed Dad sits at the kitchen table, reading the daily newspaper over a bowl of cereal. He browses the headlines—“Couple Slay 14 in Murderous Rampage,” “Man Arrested for University Rape and Kidnapping,” “African Terror Group Has Killed 20,000 Since 2009”—then turns to the sports section. Even for such a family, violence is commonplace, though removed from the everyday. For much of the global population, however, violent acts play out daily: A California teen beats a 72-year-old man with an aluminum bat—after the elderly man tripped and hit the 18-year-old’s car in a gas station parking lot. A 14-year-old boy in Mexico is forced to the ground by five strong men, who proceed to kick and beat him as a heavily tattooed leader slowly counts to 13. When the men finally relent, the boy—who is unconscious and his face a bloodied pulp—is now part of the gang. A preteen girl, bound and gagged, suffered regular rape at the hands of members of the Islamic State terror group. She was in captivity for 11 months. Tragically, every nation in the world is plagued with unbridled violence. The unending barrage of brutality and bloodshed can be numbing for everyone, whether they live in war-torn Syria or Suburbia, U.S.A. Animal Instinct? In an attempt to explain the phenomena of violence, scientists draw the conclusion that aggression is an innate characteristic. Charles Darwin felt it was born out of an instinctual animal trait needed for self-preservation. Sigmund Freud took it further, claiming aggression is one of two basic urges of mankind, along with sex, and that many of the urges occur at an unconscious level. These ideas have seeped into public thinking. They are found in popular novels and feature films of today, which almost always rely on the tired themes of sex and violence. Newspapers have long known that stories with violence attract the most attention, and even formulated the maxim, “If it bleeds it leads”—the story with the highest body count will make the front page. Any Solutions? Is there a solution to this increase violent trend we are living, experiencing and witnessing? Or perhaps this is the trend humanity will follow for time to come! After a massacre like the one in Las Vegas, we hear about “Gun Control”, this is, a more strict and harsh gun control law; universal background checking and a mental stability certification to purchase an arm, private arms sale regulations, no sales of automatic rifles, no sales of machineguns, no silencers, no large ammunition magazine, no military grade arms sale and more. After all this is set and done, the question we may ask is: would all the senseless and inhumane killings will stop? What is amazing after hearing the endless broadcasts full of experts and pundits in all areas of human behavior is that words such as God, Morale, Ethics, Godly conduct and many others are completely absent from the view and consideration of all commercial television networks. If this trend continues, where will the nation be in ten, twenty or fifty years from today? We have removed God from all aspects of the nation. We have removed all the symbols representing the idea of God from buildings, landmarks, schools, courts and parks in an attempt to satisfy the voices claiming were offended and tormented for the cruel imposition of the state displaying a God they do not believe in. Would this act of removing from the nation the God that the founding fathers embraced and proclaimed to be the central guiding needle in shaping a new nation is the root cause of our present condition? What do you think?