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With the pomp of an entourage of dignitaries accompanied by personalities of national politics, family and guests, the inauguration ceremony for Mr. Joe Biden and Mrs. Kamala Harris finally took place today in Washington, D.C. A ceremony with its restrictions on access to the general public after the failed coup at the hands of Donald Trump supporters. There was nothing in the ceremony to detract from the enormous significance of the fact that he takes the country to a new chapter, to a new and promising era. Without a doubt, Joe Biden lets you feel his very personal style and human warmth through an emotional and honest speech in which he clearly gives himself to the nation, to all citizens without restriction of a political, social, economic and ethnic status. It is clear that the road is difficult, arduous and full of thugs, miscreants, corrupt and traitors to the democratic cause of the country. The challenges are great, the solutions are equally great and complex. However, the call made by President Joe Biden is for the unification of efforts and the environment of peace and a no to violence. This, as the environment that the country must follow in its pursuit of a better life, the achievement of great goals and as the primary and basic component to achieve unification of citizens that, although with different points of view and even with opposing opinions both political and of any other nature, respect and cooperation are provided. Thinking differently, having different opinions does not make us enemies. Donald Trump did not attend the ceremony, which is almost to thank him. I personally cannot imagine a Donald Trump in the middle of such an eloquent, emotional, honest, warm and humane inauguration as what the nation experienced today. Vice President Mike Pence was present which is very positive for him, for his family and for the country. Mike Pence is a decent, honorable man who had the misfortune of working for a rogue, for a sick person, without the necessary ability to lead any other country, less this nation. I do not know how far Mike Pence has planned to go or do in the political life of the United States. Friends, let me tell you that it is not the last time we see Mike Pence in the political life of the nation. I personally admire the personal quality of him. Today the new Biden-Harris administration begins the path of facing the four most gigantic problems that we are experiencing: the pandemic and vaccination, the economy that is in the soil, climate change and the multiple challenges and social problems, among them, the issue of racism, racial inequality and the issue of immigration, All of it of profound importance and significance for years to come. Personally, and even though I do not agree 100% with many of the philosophies of the Democratic Party, I join the initiative and the message of President Biden. What comes in the short or distant future, I don't know. Otherwise I will tell all of you. What do you and I want so much? Well, naturally, for the country to overcome all these challenges in a framework of peace and national unification. Best wishes that I am sure all of us share. There is however a dark horizon that the Republican party has been formulating for some time. Seen from afar, I wonder if in a short time the Republican party would turn into an organization similar to Hezbollah? Even though the founding and the original purposes of their existence, both the Republican political party and Hezbollah have nothing in common, nevertheless these days it seems that the Republican party is on its way to becoming a shock group via violence such as Hezbollah does. The political party born from a background as complex as the Middle East itself with a purely religious foundation called "The Party of God" in Arabic "Hizb Allāh" also spelled Hezbullah or Hizbullah is a Shiite Islamic organization from Lebanon. Without delving much into its very complicated history, back in 1982, the PLO, that is, the Palestine Liberation Organization (do you remember Yasser Arafat?) Based in Lebanon, was bombing northern Israel. In order to dislodge the PLO and stop the bombings, Israel invaded Lebanon, a group of Lebanese Shiite clerics formed Hezbollah with the aim of expelling Israel from Lebanon and establishing an Islamic republic there, and of course, Hezbollah became an armed organization to evict Israelis from Lebanon. Believe me, this is the most simplistic way to present one of the most complex conflicts internationally. Over the years, Hezbollah has become a shock group, allegedly participating in terrorist attacks, kidnappings and car bombings, directed mainly against Westerners. At the same time, the organization establishes a network of social services for its members. In essence Hezbollah comes to represent what is called fascism. It is precisely at this point that the Republican Party and Hezbollah intersect today. Basically, fascism has the primary function of attacking democratic institutions and provoking anger. Fascism uses anti-democratic methods mainly violence to acquire power. At this moment, a fascist movement in the United States that uses violence, and will continue to use it, to retain the presidency of the country is not a hypothesis, it is a fact. Let us remember friends, the comments and the information that I presented in the article that we titled “Latin America, Away from Democracy? “ The peoples of the Americas tend to accept authoritarian governments. The social phenomenon here in the United States is perhaps no different. Now, it is clear that Donald Trump has been the puppet of the Republican party. Of course we do not take away from Donald Trump the very personal merits of him. He represents the essence of white supremacy, completely devoid of social interest to non-white people, irreverent to the Christian, Jewish and Islamic masses of the country, egotistical, false, lying, manipulative, dishonest who saw the position as an avenue for his very personal economic interest and that of his family. Fascism is not an ideology like other socio-political forms such as socialism or communism are, fascism is rather a process through which an individual or a group of individuals remain in power through violence. Donald Trump was not described as a fascist before assuming power, although over time he began to show his violent tendencies. Today, Donald Trump is a Fascist inciting a self-coup, without the slightest concern for human life that may be lost in the process. Donald Trump became the vehicle through which the Republican party sees the enormous opportunity to achieve its goals that it has long been amassing. The events of January 6, 2021, are the culmination of the effort of the Republican party. Once again, without a Donald Trump, with all his personalities, with his twisted psychological manifestations, the Republican party would not have had the opportunity to see the path that he planned for so many years. After this experience, after this attempt by the president of the United States to invalidate the electoral results, a movement aided by Republican congressmen and the participation of the hordes made up of QAnon's conspirators, the Proud Boys, a group that has used violence in the past, and the right-wing militia group The Three Percenters, what's next, you ask? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is short and simple: More violence. One of the main reasons many of the Republican senators have been facilitators of Donald Trump, is precisely with the objective of producing a state of confusion, panic and disorientation of the authorities and public protection services. A week after the terrorist attack to nullify the result of the presidential votes and give Donald Trump permanence in power, the authorities have not yet reached the end of an analysis and understanding of the facts. In fact, it will be several months before the federal authorities have a clear picture of the events in which all the parts that were part of the attempted coup are exposed and understood. The evidence is clear insofar as we can observe how Donald Trump cultivates these radical groups despite the warnings that the FBI offered about the national terrorist group QAnon. Do you remember that back in August 2020, Donald Trump cheered the group saying: "I have heard that these are people who love our country ... Supposedly they like me." And you will recall that during the presidential debate in September, Donald Trump recommended that the Proud Boys "stand back and stay by", prompting members of the group to celebrate, posting on social media, "Standing and waiting , Sir". Donald Trump is no longer president, he no longer has power, he no longer has the protection of the position and the structure of the federal institutions that he prostituted, all of this is true. We will see in the coming days, which of the many legal problems he is going to face as a common citizen undermines his plans to continue destroying, confronting and calling his armed followers to insurrection. It will depend on whether the national news networks such as CNN, CBS, MSNBC and of course Fox, will once again serve as a platform for access to the masses. If, on the contrary, these news networks stop serving as a platform for Donald Trump's interests, potentially the effervescence will diminish, or at least we hope so. Trumpism has to be a moment in the history of the country and not a political movement. We will see in the near future if the level of violence becomes zero. We'll see if the Trump hordes regroup and reorganize. We will see if the nation embarks on President Biden's message, we will see the new House of Representatives and the new Democratic Senate in action this week. Finally, we will all see if the Republican party feeds its armed followers, establishing an initial alliance and restructuring an organization with the characteristics, principles and functionality that Hezbollah offers as a model, certainly without the religious nuance ... for now. Vaccination should reach all of us soon. We have a new strain of Coronavirus in at least 20 states in the country. This is the mutation discovered in England last year. It does not offer a more aggressive disease for those who are infected with this new strain of the virus, but it is much more infectious, much more transmissible. We have to remain alert and with the same care that we have been practicing. Don't let your guard down my friend. Keep yourself well! Take care and stay informed! I am Francisco Chaparro for "Sin Límites" a production of "PuraVideCommunity" Greetings to each one of you from the state of Texas here in the United States of America. Thank you for your attention and we will be back with you soon. Bye!
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January 20, 2021
F. Chaparro Trasnlated from the Podcast Sin Límites
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Joe Biden a New President Would the GOP Evolve Into A Hezbollah-Like Organization?
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